Professional Training for your Driver Education

Curriculum - General

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In Class (20 Hours in class/10 hours home links)

  • Why Driver’s Education?
    • Driver’s education is the single best beginning continual, safe, defensive driving habits.
  • Graduated Licensing System
  • Demerit points and Enforcement
  • Before you drive
    • Set-up and controls
  • Manoeuvres and Parking
  • Basics of driving and Right of Way
  • City driving
    • Signs, signals and road markings
  • Vision and Perception
    • Avoiding hazards means seeing them before they become and issue, recognizing telltale signs, and giving yourself time to react.
  • Laws of Nature related to driving
  • Adverse driving conditions
    • Night time, rural, bad weather
  • Impairment & its effects on driving
  • Seatbelts and airbags save lives
  • Emergency procedures
  • Defensive Driving techniques
    • Good visual habits are the only way to create space around you vehicle, the single most important aspect of defensive driving.
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Buying and insuring your car
    • Be sure you shop around before making any big decisions. Buying a car is a commitment; don’t jump into the first deal you see. Likewise, insurance companies’ rates very greatly. Shop around and get quotes from as many brokers as you can
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