Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can driver training be taken by someone under the age of 16?

A. Yes you may take the 20 hour classroom portion of the driver training before you reach age 16. However you must complete your driver training within one year of starting the course.

Q. How quickly can I get my G2 license?

A. Eight months is the quickest but you must have completed the entire course and be certified electronically from an MTO-Approved BDE Course Provider such as PT Driver Education. 

Q. Is it possible to miss one or more of the in classroom sessions and still graduate.

A. If a situation arises that a student must miss a class, the missed class must be made up in a following session.  A student cannot graduate from the program until all classes are completed. 

Q.  Does PTDE offer services to seniors?

A.Yes we do! If you are required to complete a road test, call us before your first attempt.You may require a couple of hours of lessons to correct bad habits and replace them with proactive, defensive driving habits.  Often seniors only seek help after one or more unsuccessful road test attmepts and have had their confidence greatly diminished.